So if anyone has a link to any webpages that might have that sort of info send them my way. Nicklas Logged Guest Re: I hope this is of use to someone out there! I know how to connect the MIDI cable: I’ve had problems like that on several occasions. Hi, You can download the drivers for free by clicking here.

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Crystal Semiconductors Sound Card Drivers Download

Prior to that, my system worked totally fine. Hi, You can download the drivers for free by clicking here. And it says the following in the device.

vrystal The sound driver “crystal soundfusion tm cs wdm audio driver” doesn’t work in windows vista. Reply 16 — However, despite having a Sound Blaster Pro 2 being detected by a few games, including EoB3, I cannot seem to get these games to use the sound chip as a sound blaster card.


PCI sound cards vs. Google [Bot] and 2 guests.

As I suspected so considerations are: The CS will emulate a Soundblaster Pro. Seems to just check if the chip is there.

Rob Berkhout Logged Guest Re: Reply 2 — Reply 6 — This site hosts no abandonware. I’ve had problems like that on several occasions. I’ve used for year this environment to enjoy myself and friends playing MIDI files: Thanx everybody for answers. Now I can play, everything, Roland and videogames Created when windows 98 installs the PV Reply 12 — Reply 8 — I think your suggestions will be useful.

I did have trouble with the driver installation screwing up, and needed to do it 3 times before the sound card properly worked. The sound driver “crystal soundfusino tm cs wdm audio driver” doesn’t work in. Some address to suggest me? Needs a hard reset.

Crystal Soundfusion Sound Card Problem?

Please rate this free answer. I don’t have the installation CD for it.

Sound was working fine for the last year until a Windows Update about a So, I figured that all I need to do is re-install my sound card driver. EXE executable can have some additional options. However, getting the useful drivers out of the windoze driver pack 10 megs is a challenge. Things like what materials the chip is made of, how many circuts and what not, but nothing dls like how to make the darn thing do what you want it to do.


Drivers for windows xp: I installed Win XP Anyway is not a cable problem used up the day before: You might see better performance if you loadhigh lbacache.