A new topic that has been included in the project goals is the performance assessment of ambient intelligence systems through ontology engineering. If they are not met, it is necessary to go back and reprogram and even redesign the system. A quality-aware approach to web services procurement. Coping with automatic reasoning on software product lines. Journal of Web Intelligence and Agent Systems, forthcoming. Core Notion Extensions T2: Multi-agent systems, electronic institutions.

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To research methods and algorithms in order to equip our models with the facility of identifying cycles in the data series.

International Journal of Intelligent Systems 20 Methods, Techniques and Tools: Coping with automatic reasoning on software product lines. We have established relationships with Dr.

In addition, the many international events organized by the teams have provided extra opportunity to collaborate. Automatic Metadata Extraction from Geographic Information.

Aa that this task was divided into two new tasks regarding the study of ontologies and the repositories. Nova Science [30] R. On the impact of agent communication languages on the implementation of agent systems. In Coordination Models, Languages and Applications. Zambonelli, editors, Methodologies and software engineering a/wlan-5 agent systems.

Specialized metadata profiles have been also proposed for Dublin core, inspire and the water framework directive. To quantify the models by means of measurements on the number of elements, structural complexity, etc. Among the theoretical achievements obtained, it is worth mentioning the definition of Temporal Fuzzy Chains TFCs as a mechanism for representing systems which evolve in time, which we shall call Dynamic Systems.


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A prototype, based on the SADDE methodology, was released in August For the time being, we do not foresee further a/wlan-n55 in this direction. We intend to release software as free software as soon as it is well-packaged and we qyip write a good roadmap for the future development of the platform. The performative structure is composed of scenes and transitions between scenes. Another extension has been proposed, concerning the integration of decentralized learning service descriptions into a learning design specification [11].

The EIDE open source platform has had two different releases. Obviously, a/wlna-n5 doing this prediction, it is necessary to complement the design information with other concerning the temporal behaviour of the system, which will be included in the system as annotations. Perez-Perez, A comparative study of evolutionary algorithms for training Elman recurrent neural networks to predict autonomous indebtedness, Proc.

Corpus Leeds Ac UK – Use of corpora in translation studies

Also it has been demonstrated how Web services can be used to facilitate the use of modelling tools that can interface with the PMIF. Bringing the Knowledge on the Web to Software Agents. As a conclusion, the results we planned on producing are almost ready and we can embark on the final stage, that consists mostly of implementing the tools we have designed. Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, 9 3: Project management and coordination 2.

We have studied the limits for it to be efficient, and we are currently working on using OWL to define an ontology of quality concepts. Normally, the work in this area is centered on the design of methods to discover new data relations directly from the database itself for example, using data mining techniques.


The term electronic institution was coined at the IIIA to refer to the computational analogue of traditional institutions. Batory 9 in [5, 6]. Some prototyptes about abstract architectures and multiagent systems to implement that kind of web systems with remote access have been already developed and cheked.

A tool owner who wants to provide a performance model Web Service needs to implement the Web Service, the import mechanism from the interchange format to a a/wllan-n5 in the tool’s format, solve the model and send back to the client the obtained results. Renato Levy is the research head of Intelligent Automation Inc.

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Diffusion and knowledge transfer. The goal 1 has been modified in order to develop PMIF, Performance Model Interchange Format, a mechanism whereby system model information may be transferred among performance modelling tools. However, the growing availability of wireless networks and the expansion of powerful mobile devices define new challenges for these software distributed systems.