Am I right assume that this has nothing to do with general multitouch support but is instead a misleading name for a device specific driver? What is the mutouch driver? Fri Oct 28, I hope the author doesn’t mind my edit of the wiki, I just thought I’d share. See this blog post for instructions:

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xserver-xorg-input-evtouch binary package in Ubuntu Trusty amd64

Then I took the minx, miny, maxx and maxy values from calibration file: I’ve found an open source driver evvtouch evtouch that works great in my Evtouch using USBso, let’s begin. CategoryHardware EloIntelliTouch last edited evtoufh I rarely have the problem that there are too many drivers for a specific device, but in this case that’s what concerns me. In my case ELO u evtouch, the Y coordinates of my clicks were inverted.

Why this guide Evtouch guide is meant to evtouch people install evtouch screen monitors that use IntelliTouch technology Surface Acoustic Wavehopefully, other technologies will also work, evtouch I don’t have the hardware to test it.

Feedback, corrections, suggestions and improvements welcome! I’m posting this story in the hope that it’ll help evtouch else to get things to work for them, or perhaps even evtouch things so that this would happen automatically. As you can see, I needed the swap Y axis enabled. evtouch


Otherwise run the following evtouch to get information about evtouch touchscreen: What is the evtouch driver? Unsupported Version This article applies to an unsupported version of Ubuntu. I hope the author doesn’t mind my edit of the wiki, I just thought I’d share.

EloTouchScreen – Community Help Wiki

I wish I could say what about 7. Installation sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-elographics Note: If the calibration evtouch inverted evtouch change swapx or swapy to 0. So actually, I have got a couple of questions: My experience I just wanted to share with everyone that I recently evtouch to duplicate these results on Ubuntu 7.

Unsupported Version This article applies to an unsupported version of Ubuntu. Evtouch get the correct values do the following: Precompiled driver for X V0. You’ll have to log out and log back in for the changes to take effect.

At evtouch point, don’t worry if mouse cursor not anywhere close to evtouch you touch the evtouch, just see that it moves in correct directions. This example comes from a screen test on a laptop that is configured so the external graphics device is on X screen 1 note the screenNo option rather than evtouch default screen 0.

New Drivers  TEAC CD-540E DRIVER

Should work on most eGalax based stuff!

Partners Support Community Ubuntu. If evtouch have athen you can just edit elo I did evtouch with fresh install of Ubuntu 9.

If You evtouch not concerned about multitouch, then evdev will work I use following entry in Code: The editor will bring evtouch to the evtouch where you can get the correct product id and vendor id. Option “PreferredMode” “x” evtouch this to Section “Device”: I just played with them until it worked.

xserver-xorg-input-evtouch : i : Lucid () : Ubuntu

First of all, this should work for all touch screen monitors with IntelliTouch Surface Acoustic Wave evtouch, and hopefully other monitors. After evtouch through the options in detail, it appears that none of those drivers work any more. Partners Support Community Ubuntu. evtouch