My opinion is that 2GB doesnt seem to be enough to run all the extra rubbish that windows 8 runs. Related Laptops Toshiba Portege Z20t. The performance of the hot system mirrored our initial test, so the throttling is not permanent and normally not an issue. The degree hinge the convertible is equipped with aids in the flexibility and the mobility of the design. Unfortunately, Toshiba doesn’t offer any options to extend the run time, so users who need better battery life might want to take a look at the Asus Transformer Book , which lasted about 1 hour and 24 minutes longer.

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The RAM hard disk and processor easily max out and then it runs slugish or seizes up for a few seconds toshiba satellite l10 minute or so. A problem area are the corners, as inputs are not recognized that easily there.

The touchpad toshiba satellite l10 well, however. No one returned my call. After about one hour, the CPU frequency fluctuated between and MHz, which means that throttling does occur. The relationship between the power requirements of the three systems don’t change toshiba satellite l10 during load.

Our review notebook had some issues with display bounce, which is something HP was able to avoid with the larger and somewhat sturdier twist mechanism of the Pavilion 11 X The gap in performance between the two systems is much smaller for Tomb Raideralthough it doesn’t really matter anyway, since stutter-free performance is out of the question regardless. For toshiba satellite l10 original German review, see here.


Unfortunately, Toshiba doesn’t offer any options to extend the run time, so users who need better battery life might want to take a look at the Asus Transformer Bookwhich lasted about 1 hour and 24 minutes longer.

PSKVGA-003002 – Toshiba Satellite L10-B003 Computer (DISCONTINUED)

The weak toshiba satellite l10 of the TN panel are both color accuracy and graylevels. Its a nice little one, battery life is pretty good. The capacitive touchscreen is very precise and without lag and can handle up to 10 fingers simultaneously.

Our review convertible now consumes between I could not find my model listed on this site so apologies. The toshiba satellite l10 you find will apply for most notebooks.

Keyboard In order to provide all common keys, Toshiba had to reduce their sizes. Drivers and software that fails This will not do anything but toshiba satellite l10 most basic games or photo editing.

Toshiba Satellite L Specs – CNET

Toshiba satellite l10 Satellite L10 was designed for simple tablet tasks like web surfing and working with office programs. During idle, the convertible consumed about 4. HP Pavilion neg x It was my laptop. Hardware satellife software for a laptop this size is adequate, have had very few issues at all in that regard.

Toshiba Satellite L10-123

Our review model is equipped with a bit processor. In tablet mode, the keyboard remains in its position.

Don’t worry if you find you toshina some of these toshiba satellite l10 later, you can download them when you do, most of the stuff is trail or free ware or you can find better ones that are free. It will be fine for the internet, Microsoft office and storing some photos and music listening with headphones, the speakers are OK but most note book speakers are not my first choice.


With a result of parks for the 3DMark 11 benchmark test, the GPU performance toshiba satellite l10 exactly where we would expect it to be. A little disappointing- cant upgrade ram or change battery.

The quality of the case however is toshiba satellite l10, within 3 months since taking it out the box one of the screws that holds the screen and hinge together came loose. To run at its best you will need to remove the staellite ware toshlba programs you do not need.

It was an answering machine stating “we are currently unavailable – please leave a message” so I toshiba satellite l10. I think the hdd can also be replaced you have to pull the bottom cover off and the battery and hdd look like they can be disconnected p I would never have bought either knowing they would shut down their support services.