This report is about a professional quality Umax scanner they describe as, “The Flat-bed Drum Scanner,” implying it has the capability to do it all, with high professional quality. Log in or register to post comments. The Beauty of Autumn. You can do better only by spending twice as much or more. Falling in love with fall.

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Latest Trending Photos Videos. Although I have no information about the details of the light source and optical path employed in the PowerLookI have to assume that it is less diffuse than a typical flat-bed with a TPU light source replacing the scanner lid, or a 35mm scanner which uses a fluorescent tube light source. You can lay out as many umaz 12 35mm film frames, in the strip holder or six in the slide mount holder, and do a pre-scan of all of them placed in the area that scans at dpi.

Both the Umax MagicScan 4. So, buy now or forever hold your peace and your inferior A3 scans made on other models! SilverFast’s ScanPilot is a guided method which helps the user through the scanning process in easy steps in the correct order.

I took this picture of a lone Aspen still holding on to its colored leaves, from across a mountain valley in Colorado, shot with an mm lens on a 6×4.

You can scan a variety of documents including loose papers and pages within a book as well as anything that can lay on the scanner’s surface because the Umax II comes with a practical contour.


The Umax PowerLook | Shutterbug

This item pwerlook belong on this page. As well as an imax of any scanner means to process high-bit image files in the HDR version, Photo CD access and correction Photoshop plug-in. These slight variations in tone distinctions were accurately preserved scanning the Ektachrome 6×4. Leave this field blank.

A special pop-up window aids to select sharpening on a visual basis, as well as identify the values of any pixel in an image and make the process controllably easy.

Unusual in performance and price, the Umax PowerLook is also unique in its construction and functions. The price was great and we are very happy with this purchase. How to Use a Wide-Angle Lens: Single pass 10, element tri-linear CCD Focus: Skip to main content. Best Selling in Scanners See all.

If this scanner is a good fit for your needs, be sure to include a parallel to USB cable and go to the manufacturer’s website to get the driver the XP driver works fine on Vista and Windows 7.

One fall I was fortunate to be in the Colorado Rockies when the Aspen were in color. Best Selling in Scanners See all. SilverFast also includes automatic image adjustment, with the option of choosing one of many different types of images, like portrait or landscape, and the software does it all.


Umax PowerLook II Flatbed Scanner

Brooks, All Rights Reserved. I selected a wide variety of film images, and a few prints to scan with the Umax PowerLookand used both software packages provided. I have two other A3 sized scanners, one that connects via parallel cable and one that connects via USB. For anyone who is using the scanner for archiving, combining this batch ability and selecting output in bit mode, is both advantageous in securing a file poweglook all of the scan data collected by the Umax in it in an archived file, which can then be color corrected for different applications later.


The advantage is that with just one pre-scan, you can do selection defining to the crop frames of each image. That is probably why the PowerColor 4. Falling in love with fall. This flatbed scanner features a great functionality, so you can complete your document scanning needs without fail.

Since I’ve been answering reader’s questions for the Digital Umaz column, one frequent source of interest is a scanner which can work with all sizes of film.

Umax PowerLook 2100XL Flatbed Scanner

Larger film sizes like 5×7 and 8×10 at the dpi optical maximum across, is also much more than adequate. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended. Then make color correction and other adjustments like size, to each, then once all of the poderlook are prepared for a final scan, hit one button and they are all scanned without further attention by you.