The Setup Wizard should run automatically, and the Welcome screen should appear. It is case- sensitive and should be a unique name to help prevent others from entering your network. Front Panel Link Green. Profiles Edit – Select the profile you want to change, and then click Edit. The channel you choose should match the channel set on the other devices in your wireless network. Roaming means that you can move your wireless PC within your network and the access points will pick up the wireless PC’s signal, providing that they both share the same channel and SSID.

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Just in case you lack a proper internet connection due to poor signal then this is the tool for you. Click Next to continue or Back to return to the previous screen.

WUSB54GC Compact Wireless-G USB Adapter User Manual Book Template.book LINKSYS LLC

Link Quality – The Link Quality bar indicates the quality of the wireless network connection. Use the instructions in this Guide to help you neteork the Adapter, set it up, and configure it for your network.

This is a tool that has a profile system in that you are able to customize the installation complete with a username and a password. Leave this field empty. If you have any nonLinksys wireless products, enter the WEP key manually on those products.


Look for the following items when reading this User Guide: Ad-Hoc Mode – Use this mode if you want to connect to another wireless device directly without using a wireless router or access point. Other brands and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Available Wireless Network 2.

Signal Strength – The Signal Strength bar indicates the signal strength.

Linksys WUSB54GC Wireless-G USB Compact Network Adapter Driver

For bit encryption, enter exactly 26 hexadecimal characters. You will be asked to locate the SecureEasySetup button on the device with which the Adapter will be communicating. The Link LED flashes when there is network activity.

If you want to export more than one profile, you have to export them one at a time. If you are not taking advantage ueb SecureEasySetup and your network is not listed on this screen, select Manual Setup to set up the adapter manually. The logo or button will stop flashing on the wireless router or access point when the Adapter has been successfully added to the network.

Profiles Edit – Select the profile you want to change, netwok then click Edit.

Do not connect the Adapter until you are instructed to do so or the setup will not work. Whsb54gc Mode – The mode of the wireless network currently in use is displayed here.

SecureEasySetup is Complete Chapter 5: In addition to these symbols, there are definitions for technical terms that are presented like this: Ad-Hoc Mode Settings Chapter 4: Wireless Security Figure With these, and many other, Linksys products, your networking options are limitless. After the Adapter has been configured for the network, the Congratulations screen will appear.


Click the Cancel button to return to the Profiles screen without entering a name. Open key is when the sender and the recipient do not share a WEP key for authentication.

WUSB54GC v1 – Linksys Updated Drivers

If you do not see your network listed, you can click the Refresh button to bring the list up again. Profiles The Profiles screen lets you save different configuration profiles for different network setups. You can only add one SecureEasySetup device at a time. Receive Rate – This is the rate at which data is received.

Enter the password iwreless-g your wireless network in the Password field.

Each wireless PC in an infrastructure network can talk to any computer in a wired network infrastructure via the access point or wireless router.